Sofia to the citizens.

Victor Lilov – candidate for mayor of Sofia

Victor is 48 years old and was born in Sofia. Secondary education he completed at 133 "Al. Pushkin" School in the city. Later at university, Victor graduated with diploma in Arab Studies. He followed several political trainings at the International Academy for Leadership (IAF), Gummersbach, the University of National and World Economy, Sofia and the World Cultures Institute (Maison des Cultures du Monde), Paris. At present Victor is an art and culture projects manager, music producer and publisher. He is a co-founder of Black Flamingo Publishing Co. Viktor received the LGBT Person of 2014 Award and took an active role in the anti-ACTA and # ДАНСwithme protests.

Victor for Sofia. Sofia for Victor.

Sofia is our home city.

We design and create its future.

Let's take the potential of Sofia in our hands instead of leaving it to apathetic administrators and careless bureaucrats!

Let's step up more actively in the decision making!

Our ideas for Sofia.

1. Where do the money from the taxes flow out? We, DEOS suggest:

Strict monthly reporting and publishing of data online in open format.

The citizens should be included in the decision making.

Zero tolerance to corruption.

2. Why did you steal our Vitosha? We, DEOS suggest:

The public parks and gardens of Sofia to be safe and well taken care of.

The concessions should be contracted taking into account the best public interest and preserving of nature.

All the contracts should be transparent and open to the public.

Vitosha to the citizens – better accessibility, with properly functioning public transport and infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

3. 3. Why Sofia is not a capital of culture? We, DEOS suggest:

Diligent maintenance of the municipal buildings and architectural heritage of Sofia.

The capital should provide appropriate environment for creativity and culture.

4. Where is the E-municipality? We, DEOS suggest:

Municipal one-stop-shop for Sofia.

Open formats and open code.

Proactive public-private partnerships.

5. Will Sofia breathe better? We, DEOS suggest:

Promoting the use of new, eco cars.

Settle down the case with Toplofikatsia Sofia Heating Company and encouraging the use of more sources of renewable energy (solar panels, etc.).

The waste is a resource and not a problem – effective waste management is a key task.

6. Stop the traffic jams! We, DEOS suggest:

Reduce the car traffic and promote alternative transport ideas; more parking places nearby the main public spaces.

More flexibility in the public transport tickets' fees – family travel cards, annual, month, week and 1 hour travel cards.

More cycle lanes, bike parking facilities and municipal service to provide access to self-service bicycles.

7. Entrepreneurial spirit for growing new ideas We, DEOS suggest:

Sofia should create an environment where businesses can emerge, flourish and grow.

All services for starting up businesses at one stop shop and via digital portals and platforms.

8. Humanity and solidarity We, DEOSsuggest:

Complete spatial regulation of the Roma neighbourhoods. Inclusive educational policies and social activities.

Better conditions for the migrants.

9. What is Sofia doing for our children? We, DEOS suggest:

Better and numerous opportunities for sport activities for kids.

The municipal libraries and cultural centres to work more closely to children.

Integrated social services for children at risk, ensuring children safety and preventive measures to decrease the violence among children


What I will do for Sofia?
suggest that everyone makes one step more for our city.

People who have worked on the DEOS programme for Sofia: Vassia Atanassova, Blagovest Blagoev, Vasil Vasilev, Emil A. Georgiev, Ivan Gospodinov, Boril Gourinov, Petranka Gurinova, Valentina Zrancheva, Tatyana Ivanova, Emil Cohen, Victor Lilov, Boyan Pavlov, Katina Peneva, Alexander Petrov, Mariella Pentcheva, Niki Rusinovski, Justine Toms.